The radically changed musical ‘Beethoven’ opens at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts on the 14th of next month

The musical ‘Beethoven’ returns with Season 2. Performance production company EMK Musical Company announced on the 17th that the musical “Beethoven” will be performed for four weeks at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts in Jongno-gu, Seoul from April 14th.

In particular, this performance heralds a new change from previous performances. General Producer Eom Hong-hyun said, “The musical ‘Beethoven’ at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts is planning to show a drastically changed performance to match the second season, and the characters in the play as well as the numbers in the work will be changed.”

He then emphasized, “Being able to present different new stages for each season is accompanied by agony as a creator, but I will do my best to make the musical ‘Beethoven’ season 2 with a new look that will satisfy the audience as the most anticipated work.”

‘Beethoven’ is a work inspired by a letter written to an ‘immortal lover’ found among Beethoven’s remains after his death. It became a hot topic with a bold attempt to reinterpret Beethoven’s instrumental piece as a musical number, and a fresh and unconventional production that encompasses modern and classical music.

Following the Seoul Arts Center performance, the existing actors such as Park Hyo-shin, Park Eun-tae, Kai, Jo Jung-eun, Ok Joo-hyun, and Yoon Gong-ju will join the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts as they are.

The first ticket will be open at 2:00 pm on the 28th.

[FAN PROJECT] Beethoven Musical Congratulation Flowers for Park Hyo Shin

New fan project for Soultrees all around the world. Please keep in mind the DEADLINE.

Beethoven Musical Congratulations Flower for PHS.

Beethoven Musical is coming to an end on 26 March and for international fans who aren’t able to be here in Seoul to support him, you can now express your support and love to Captain by participating in this project.
Via PHS Planet and Philippines Groups, we are organizing a flower bouquet for Captain as we all know that Soultrees from all over the world has been supporting him throughout his Beethoven journey.
Anticipating each person’s contribution to be around ~USD$5. The total cost of the flower bouquet will be shared by the total number of people. So the more people we have, the bigger the bouquet we can get for him 😊

How can you participate?
1. Please DM Autumn Park (IG name kyophs_aus) directly to express interest. Deadline: By 12 midnight KST, 18 March Saturday
2. In your DM, please provide your First and Last name + Country for the Flower Message Card (Eg, Autumn Park (Australia))
3. Kindly confirm that you have a paypal account to transfer the cost to Autumn Park. please take into consideration minor paypal fees charge when you transfer.
*For privacy, if you prefer not to disclose your name in social media post, please let me know 😊
At this moment, we will not be able to share the design and size of bouquet until we know how many people will participate.

P.S. For those who participate Autumn Park will draw 3 participants and they will get a Beethoven flyer.

Kim Ji Hoon talks about Park Hyo Shin @ SBS’s “My Little Old Boy”

Actor Kim Ji Hoon talked about an anecdote with his best friend, singer Park Hyo Shin. In the SBS entertainment program ‘My Little Old Boy’, which aired on the afternoon of the 12th, Kim Ji Hoon appeared in the studio and talked with Movengers.
On this day, Kim Ji Hoon drew attention by saying, “I love music so much, but I was born without too much talent.” At the same time, on the VCR, the image of Kim Ji Hoon singing in the past was revealed, and Kim Ji Hoon laughed as he was embarrassed to see him sing poorly.
Thenk Shin Dong-yeop asked Kim Ji Hoon, “You are best friends with Park Hyo Shin, have you ever sung in front of Park Hyo Shin?” In response, Kim Ji Hoon said, “When I meet him, I ask him to go to karaoke, but he is really serious,” and said, “It must be difficult to go to karaoke with me.”
Kim Ji Hoon also made everyone laugh by saying, “Once, I sent a text message saying ‘I think I can sing a little bit’, but Park Hyo Shin replied, ‘No way…'”.

230310 Kim Eana @ Instagram

The guests that Hyoshin invited to “Starry Night” are watching again with Soon Kwan and Won Seok. I was so disappointed that the piano didn’t move in the highlight part, but today, Park Hyo was more “God” as if to make up for it. Soonkwan and Wonseok are amazed!
The second picture is of me who couldn’t escape from the musical. In the meantime, whenever I see Jae Jung (Starry Night writer Nam Woo-ami), I welcome her. (Jae Jung Eun)